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AJ Linn Interview November 21, 2014

In November of 2014, Romina, of Lindsay and Jane’s Views and Reviews,

had the opportunity to interview AJ Linn, author of The Gentleman’s Series.

The following is an excerpt from that interview.

The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the original blog post.

Thank you, Romina, for sharing.

The Gentleman’s Series…

You wrote this series for your followers on Twitter. What was it, in particular, that made you decide to do such an extraordinary thing?

-Being held at gun point stands out…

Donovan’s search for love has been the basis of the series.  When you were developing Scarlett’s character, did you look to celebrities or someone you know personally as inspiration…or is she an embodiment of your own ideal?

-I could never put Scarlett into one simple category. She has elements/characteristics of many different people, but most definitely all created out of my own imagination.

Donovan’s had a few disasters when dating. Which of those crazy ladies did you most enjoy to write and why?

-I would have to say Zoie. The fact that she made up an entire online profile and lied about essentially everything about herself just to meet him was interesting, as well as fun to develop and write.

Aside from Donovan’s bank balance and privileges, you have portrayed him as just an ordinary guy with a genuine and lovable personality. How much of his character is based on imagination and how much is based on AJ Linn?

-Everything about him is fictional. Although, I do enjoy having…Uh, I will stick to my previous answer.

Tell us about “La Fuga”… you visited the place of your inspiration, Hotel Casa Del Mar, in Santa Monica. How did it feel to walk through the doors and see Donovan’s world?

-What can I say? It was a surreal and enjoyable moment that I will never forget. I actually stood at the stained glass doors in the main lobby for about five minutes and searched for Scarlett to walk by in that tight skirt of hers.

For your third novel, A Gentleman’s Memoir, you asked your Twitter followers for character submissions who came with specific kinks for scenes in Donovan’s club, The Underground. Aside from that being a generous thing to do, how much of you wanted your followers’ input and how much was curiosity to see how kinky your followers were? *Laughs*

-It was done for the second novel as well…and it was 100% to include them. Nothing else. I already know how kinky they all are.

You’ve decided to add a 4th book to your Gentleman’s series…we’ve talked about a surprise for your readers. Is there anything you can tell them now about the upcoming part of Donovan’s life, a little teaser maybe?

-Someone is going to die…or not. You never know.

Finally AJ Linn himself….

3 books in 12 months isn’t something many authors can boast about doing. You must be proud with such an achievement.

-Sure, and tired.

If you had to pick, who would be your favourite character of the series?


Some of your closest followers on Twitter have been handling the promotional side of the series on many social media networks. How does it feel to know that people from all parts of the world are supporting you and your work and helping to share your stories?

-That is something that I can hardly put into words and explain properly. The fact that these unpaid readers/virtual friends take the time out of their own lives to show that kind of support is…in a word, unreal. It is extremely touching, and I am forever grateful.

Your privacy is something you are careful about keeping. You should know that we, as followers, respect that. Do you think at some point there will be a website or Twitter page for AJ Linn, the Author? I’m sure we’d all like to put a face to the name. When you’re ready of course…

-I have trouble maintaining the accounts, the blog, the books as it is…but, I never say never.

So what’s next for AJ Linn?

-A long vacation.

Quick fire questions:

Favourite Food?


Motorbikes or Cars?


Favourite Music?

-Anything loud.

How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

-Quite a few.

Furthest you’ve travelled?

-To hell and back.

A post script….

Breast Cancer Awareness

In addition to his writing talent AJ Linn is an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness. The fan developed merchandise available on the above Cafepress site is designed to raise funds for this specific cause. For every piece sold, all profits go to the Susan G Komen fund for cancer research.

That in itself shows the incredibly giving nature of this talented author and I am proud to be a supporter of his work.


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