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Donovan Hart Interview December 30, 2013

Immediately following the December 2013 publication of A Gentleman’s Secret (Vol.2 of The Gentleman’s Series), Malory (Loverly’s BookBlog) scored an interview with the infamous Donovan Hart…

Alright ladies! You asked and he answered!

I had the opportunity to stop by The Underground at La Fuga Hotel and sit down with the handsome Donovan Hart.  

Followers of @DonovanHart_ on Twitter submitted the questions anonymously and he answered…most of them….Enjoy!!

Alright. This is it. I am finally heading into The Underground to interview the Notorious Malibu Playboy, Donovan Hart. Not going to lie. I’m freaking out a bit.  *Deep breaths, Mal..Deep breaths*

And these questions…..holy crap! Some of these questions are just crazy! Here goes nothing…

Walking up to The Underground entrance, I’m greeted by a rather large, handsome man. This must be Reggie. That’s quickly confirmed when he shouts “Booyah! You must be Mal, here to interview the boss man?”

I confirm with a nod as he gives me a once-over followed by a wicked grin. I can’t help but let a laugh escape.

He tells me to follow him and leads me down the stairs to a ‘members only’ entrance, through a large door and into the club. The lights are low, deep burgundy and reds make the place look high-end and classy. There aren’t many people here yet, just a few seated at the bar. It looks as though they are just enjoying themselves, making small talk. I don’t know what I expected to see… swings, whips and chains? But it looks just like your normal high-class bar or lounge.

Reggie walks me up to meet Jared, the bartender. After introductions, I order a drink. One of Jared’s specialties, I’m told. I think I’m definitely going to need it.

We move over to a booth in the corner, Reggie tells me to have a seat, that Mr. Hart will be with me shortly, to “Holla” if I need anything, and then he’s gone.

I do as instructed, place the questions on the table, thrum my fingers on the folder and practically down my drink, trying to kill nerves. Hey, it’s not everyday you get to interview Malibu’s most eligible bachelor!

 I’m lost in thought when I hear someone clearing their throat behind me. Spinning around in my seat, I see it is none other than the man himself: Owner and Operator of La Fuga and The Underground, the infamous Donovan Hart. He knows he caught me off-guard and judging by the slight smirk on his face, I think he enjoys it.

Seriously, ladies…the pictures and descriptions don’t do him justice. This man is fucking hot. All tanned and toned…incredible eyes… and that smile. I’m speechless for a second. *Get yourself together Mal!*

Not one to often be intimidated by an incredibly sexy man, I quickly compose myself and jump right in with the questions…..

Mal: What’s up, stud muffin?

Donovan: Is that a serious question?

Mal: Yes….Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. I must say, this place is really quite impressive. *looking around* I would love to see what it looks like on your busy nights when everything is in full swing…no pun intended.

Donovan: My pleasure, beautiful.and if you would like to test out that swing, {points to the swing in the corner of the room} I would be happy to join you.

Mal: Hmmmm…I might take you up on that. *grins*  Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got a long list of questions here and several Donovan’s Dolls that will kill me if I don’t get to each and every one of them.

Donovan: Fire away.

Mal: Well, first things first…I have to ask.  Does your dad know EXACTLY what kind of club The Underground is?

Donovan: Absolutely not. He hasn’t stepped foot inside the hotel since my mother passed away, so…this will remain our little secret…

Mal: Oh okay…I see, and I completely get keeping it a…secret.

My next question has to do with you and Rebekah. When you decided to take a nightly swim in the ocean…What the hell were you thinking?  Haven’t you ever watched the movie JAWS? You could have been eaten! Ok, so that was actually two questions. Feel free to answer both.

Donovan: I have, and that is highly unlikely. I only had one thing on my mind that night…but being the gentleman that I am, I will stop there.

Mal:  Yeah, I guess you DID have OTHER things on your mind besides deadly sea creatures. *laughs*  Just be careful, you know, for next time. We don’t want anything to happen to that hot ass of yours.

So, you make it sound like you were, at one time, the Duke of Debauchery, the Fresh Prince of Fetishes, the King of Kink…How many women have you been with? *taking a sip of my drink*

Donovan: Were? {smirks}

Mal: *laughs*  I see…Alright, moving on then.  I guess this one kind of relates to the last one.  What is your definition of Monogamy?  Is it being with one person only, or are there exceptions to the rule as long as it is agreed on mutually? i.e., a threesome or foursome?

Donovan: When I am in a relationship, I never stray. This depends on the nature of said relationship, of course. Some relationships started out in threesomes…and stayed threesomes.

Mal: Got it. And I say, to each their own.  I do have to ask.  Do you want children in the future?

Donovan: I do. Are you surprised by that?

Mal: Huh.  I don’t know if I am.  A bunch of little hellions running around.  And think.  They’ll be just like you… *laughs*

Donovan: Poor bastards.

Mal: Okay, so I HATE to bring up the “Cheating Whore” so soon, but do you really think she’s gone for good?  Do you think Danielle will be coming back around?

Donovan: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Mal:  I mean, she doesn’t seem like the type to give up easily.  And trust me…women can be nuts.  Especially when it comes to a catch like you.

Donovan: And your point?

Mal: Just keep your eyes open, that’s all I’m saying. But enough about her.  For now.  What about a little rapid fire?  You up for it?

Donovan: Always.

Mal: What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?

Donovan: SexyMotherfuckingBastard

Mal: What size shoe do you wear?

Donovan: 11

Mal: Nice.  What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Donovan: {turns my gaze to the swing} With three “good friends”

Mal: *blushes*  I guess some things are better left to the imagination.   What do you like to do in your spare time?  Any hobbies?

Donovan: Hobbies… {looks back to the swing}

Mal: *laughs*  Alright I get it, that you got your money’s worth out of that swing. What did it feel like getting hit by a car?

Donovan: It fucking sucked actually. {picks up my drink}

Mal: Hey don’t shoot the messenger. Smartass.

I take the last sip of my drink and a waitress immediately appears with a refill.  I’m definitely going to need to pace myself. I’ve got a long-ass list of questions here and I won’t be much use if I can’t even form a full sentence.

Donovan: Are you alright?

Mal: *blushes*  Yes, just these drinks are really good.  Anyways, where was I?  Ok, do you have a tattoo, and if so, what and where is it?

Donovan: Yes…

Mal: And…what are the chances I can get a peek?

Donovan: {stands, unbuttoning my pants}

Mal: *chokes on my drink*  Wow….Um, ok, *trying to compose myself* …next question… this one goes back to your little frolic on the beach.  How hard was it to get the sand out of your ass after almost ‘getting it on’ on the beach?  Obviously, this is a real Pulitzer prize question here…

Donovan: Is that a serious question? {shaking my head} It’s called a shower.

Mal: Yes…it’s a serious question…Christ! So any advice then, for those that are looking to sex it up in the sand?

Donovan: Bring a blanket…or give a lifeguard tower a shot.

Mal: Look at you…so full of wisdom.  Ok.  Now to the serious stuff.  Do you prefer your women with a bush, smooth, vajazzled? *shaking my head* Seriously, who the hell came up with this one?

I glance at Donovan as he takes a sip of his Jack and Coke.  He’s grinning.  I guess that’s a good sign.  At least the questions are amusing him. And that grin is just deadly…

Donovan: What the fuck? Vajazzled? {shakes my head} And who says ‘bush’ anymore? Do women still do that?

Mal: *laughs* Apparently they do…I apologize.  Some of these are a little out there.  I can’t imagine who came up with some of these.

Donovan: Dawn.

Mal: Hey now! No pointing fingers.  I feel really bad that this question follows the last, but I’m just going in the order they were received.  What is your favorite childhood memory?

Donovan: It has to be growing up on the houseboat. My mom had a way of making the small boat feel like a mansion…she… {pauses, looking away for a second} she was a wonderful mom.

I can see, as he talks about his mom, how much he loves her and misses her.  I swear his eyes get watery for a second, but almost as soon as I see it, the evidence is gone.  It’s clear that his mother meant the world to him.

Mal: Awe, Donovan, that’s such a sweet story.  I bet your mother is really proud of all you’ve accomplished now.  So I really do have to apologize now…it seems these questions are kind of all over the place.  What’s the first thing you notice in a woman?

Donovan: Her smile…seriously. Then…her tits.

Mal: *Arches my brow*  Can you drop it like it’s hot?

Donovan: I often do.

Mal: This I definitely have to see sometime.  Next question, what is your favorite book?

Donovan: I don’t read much, but I hear that A Gentleman’s Affair is pretty good.

Mal:  Really? Never heard of it…I’ll have to check that one out. *winks*
Alright, so we all know that you are Italian.  And I must say, that raises your sexiness to a whole other level.  Any chance you can say something really sexy and really dirty to me in Italian?

Donovan: Sei molto bella. Volete unirvi a me nella torre di bagnino?

Mal: *fans self*  Ok, that sounded really hot.  What does it mean?

Donovan: {smirks} You will have to Google that…

Mal: Oh, trust me, I will!

I swallow what’s left of my drink.  It suddenly feels extremely hot in here.  No doubt I’m blushing like a fool.  But I must say, that was downright sexy.

 Mal: Ok, enough of the sweet-talking, mister.  I’m going back to Rebekah for a second.  Do you think if you had put a little extra effort in, you could have made it work with Rebekah?  It seems like you gave up really quick once Scarlett came into the picture.

Donovan: Well, have you seen Scarlett? Don’t get me wrong, Rebekah was a great girl…but Scarlett stole my heart from the second that I first saw her.

Mal:  I guess I have to agree with you.  I mean, the chemistry between you and Scarlett was evident from your first meeting.  I guess it was just a matter of time before you broke your rule.

So let me ask you this, then… after all of the disastrous dates, was there any point in time when you thought Scarlett might be too good to be true?  Some were suspicious of her.  You are quite the catch and have money.  She has no problem spending your money, shows up in another state where you are, admits she’d had a drinking problem and seems like she has a wilder side.  Did you ever wonder if you were being played by her? If not, why not?

Donovan: No. There is more to her than meets the eye…and she is far from a gold digger, and I will have to resent the question, and digress…and I rather enjoy her wilder side. {scowls}

Mal: Hey now, remember…don’t shoot the messenger, Mr. Hart…and I actually think it’s great that you gave her the benefit of the doubt.  She seems sweet.  I’d love to interview her sometime.  Please let her know.

Donovan: Will do.

Mal: Ok, now for the serious stuff.

I give Donovan my very best serious face, although I’m two Jared Concoctions in and it’s hard not to bust out laughing at this next question…. What is your favorite toe?

Donovan: What the fuck?

Mal: I don’t know. But clearly someone out there feels that this was an important question to ask you, Donovan. *grins*

Donovan: Someone with a foot fetish, no doubt.

Mal: *laughs* Probably.  So, I want to ask you a bit about your family.  We know about your dad, and that your mother passed.  Do you have any other relatives other than your Dad? Cousins you are close to?  Anyone?

Donovan: I have an Uncle, but we lost touch years ago.

Mal: I’m sorry to hear that.

As far as the ladies go, are you just about looks …weight, height, boobs, etc.?  Or does she have to have a good personality too?

Donovan: Again, is this a serious question? A woman isn’t her weight, her height or her “boobs.” A woman is made up of many mysterious things, and I look for a package of intelligence, passion and beauty, Mal.

Mal: Awe, that’s sweet, and hey, I figured this much.  But I had to ask. I mean, I kind of figured with Louisa, that ditzy was a no-go for you and they had to have a little substance.  So, if it’s not just about looks, what do you consider the most attractive quality in a woman?

Donovan: Her ability to give good head. {smirks} No…seriously, again, it’s a package.

Mal:  You really can’t help yourself sometimes.  Well, I must say, it’s nice to see that it’s not just a nice rack and tight ass that turns you on, all though I’m sure those help.  And what would you consider your least favorite quality in a woman?  What’s an immediate turn-off?

Donovan: Louisa.

Mal: Ha.

The waitress appears again, bringing myself and Donovan a new drink.  I’m silently thrilled as I need as much liquid courage as possible for some of these questions.  Donovan’s Dolls obviously had a fun time submitting them.  I throw this next question out quickly, hoping he answers…

Alright Donovan, as you would say, The Million Dollar Question…what’s your kink?

Donovan: Would you like for me to show you? {winks, finishing the last sip of my drink}

Mal: Uh….um….well…..

Taking a sip of my drink I glance around The Underground.  It appears a few more people have found their way in and the place is starting to pick up.  Low music is coming through the sound system and the atmosphere is fun yet sophisticated.  It’s obvious that “the debauchery” happens in a different part of the club.

Mal: Well, I’m wondering, is there anything you would consider too extreme for The Underground?  What are, like, the rules or limits?

Donovan: The obvious ones…do I need to list them? {quirks my brow}

Mal:  No, I mean…I think we get the idea.  So, pressure’s off with this next one.  What’s your favorite food?

Donovan: Italian, obviously. Anything that my mom made, especially her Lasagne.

Mal: *nods*  I figured it would be something Italian.  Sounds yummy.  Let’s see… *flipping through the questions*  It looks like we are back to the sex stuff….Did you ever have more than one woman in your bed at one time?

Donovan: I have, but not since Scarlett.

Mal:  Um, okay.  Care to elaborate?

Donovan: No.

Mal: Alrighty then.  Do you think you will ever meet the woman of your dreams and settle down, possibly have kids?  I mean I could take a wild guess and say you may have already met that woman…

Donovan: I already answered that question.

Mal: Okay, okay, can you at least tell us, what attracted you to Rebekah?

Donovan: Her ass.

Mal: And what about Scarlett?

Donovan: Same. {laughs} I am feeling the effects of the alcohol, please excuse me. Scarlett is everything that I was looking for in a woman.

Mal: Awe, that’s so sweet.  You’re sweet.  Has anyone ever told you that?  Well I am.  You’re sweet, Donovan.

Donovan: No, please stop.

Mal:  Hey, it’s not my fault that Jared’s trying to get me drunk.  These drinks are delicious! Okay, moving on…what four words would you use to describe yourself?  I mean I think you used one already way at the beginning of this interview, but I want four others. Go.

Donovan: Loyal, generous, rich, and … {smirks}

Mal: And….? *arches my brow*  I can only imagine…Ok, so we know you are not just about the body, you like brains too, but when it does come to the female form, what’s your favorite thing?  Are you boob man, ass man, or leg man? Or some other physical characteristic?

Donovan: All of the above.

Just as Donovan finishes answering the question his phone buzzes.  He checks it and rolls his eyes.

Mal: Let me guess…a fire to put out?

Donovan: Always…

Mal: Well, the good news is we’re almost done!  The bad news, I may need to either check into a room, or cab it home.

Speaking of Patrice, we know you joke around with her all the time and she can annoy the shit out of you, but can you give us a little background to the history between you and her, and your family?

Donovan: Patrice came to work for me years ago, and began annoying me immediately. That said, she is a fantastic assistant.

Mal:  Your relationship is definitely a fun one to watch.  Ok, and it appears we’re back to your sex life….how can a man who has always been sexually-driven and attracted to beautiful women settle down with just one girl?  Is monogamy a definite possibility for someone with a past like yours or is it merely a goal you hope you can achieve?  In AGA, you questioned your ability to be monogamous….are you certain that you will be?  If so, why?

Donovan: I am. {nods} I have had a lot of fun…but I have always wanted what my parents had.

Mal: Well, you are pretty much perfect in our eyes, *smirks*  What’s one thing you would change about yourself if you could, and why?

Donovan: Hmm… {taps my chin} nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Mal: I personally don’t see anything I would change either *winks*  Several ladies out there are wondering, in what ways, if any, are you like your creator, AJ Linn?

Donovan: Who?

Mal: *laughs*  Way to side-step that question…

Alright, Donovan, Donnie, D-man, I think it’s time to wrap this up.  If I’m here any longer, you’ll be carrying me out of here.  *Hey, I might actually be down for that*  

Before we finish up though, I want to know.  Is there anything you can tell us about A Gentleman’s Secret?  What will we learn about you in the next book?

Donovan: You will just have to read it and find out for yourself. {winks}

Mal: So we will really get a peek at Donovan’s debauchery?  Exactly what your secret is?

Donovan: Possibly…and again…read the book.

Mal:  Fine, fine, I’ll read the damn book.  Well, I guess this wraps it up.  Thanks again for getting together with me and for doing this little sit-down.  I really hope everything works out for you.  Especially, that whole getting-hit-by-a-car thing.  But seriously, I’m pulling for you and Scarlett!

Always the gentleman, Donovan walks me out of the club and helps me into the taxi where I immediately Google what he said to me in Italian. *Sigh*


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