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About AJ Linn

AJ fbook picA.J. Linn published his debut novel, A Gentleman’s Affair, Volume 1 of The Gentleman’s Series, in May, 2013.

Since that time, he has continued protagonist Donovan Hart’s story in A Gentleman’s Secret, published in December, 2013, and revealed Donovan’s earlier life in a prequel, A Gentleman’s Memoir, a novella published in August, 2014.

The series quickly became very popular with fans of his RP/character blog, which he’d been writing for almost a year.  He credits those fans with this series, since they were the ones who encouraged him to “write a book” and dedicated the books to them.

With his unique voice and writing style, the popularity of the series began to grow, despite the promotion and marketing challenges facing a self-published indie author.

In an original and creative idea, he gave his readers the opportunity to submit “characters” for A Gentleman’s Secret and A Gentleman’s Memoir, which he crafted into the story.  The results were intriguing and sometimes hilarious, as he paid the ultimate compliment to his fans and readers…making their characters part of Donovan’s story.

The next installment of the series, A Gentleman’s Fate, will be published in late Spring, 2015.

While having full-time job and a very busy life make finding time to write a challenge at times, his readers are in agreement that he has done a fantastic job: four books in two years is quite an accomplishment.

The paperback editions of the series can be found on Amazon.  The ebooks are available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

A.J.  also authors a “character” blog,

On January 28th, 2014, Malory from Loverly’s Book Bloginterviewed AJ Linn and asked him questions that his fans submitted. Click on the button below to read that interview.

AuthorInterview (1)

In November of 2014, Romina, of Lindsay and Jane’s Views and Reviews, had the opportunity to interview AJ Linn. Click on the button below to read the interview.

AuthorInterview (1)

In late June of 2015, Scarlett H. of @AUthorAJLinnHub, had the opportunity to do a “mini-interview”  to coincide with launch of A Gentleman’s Fate.  Click on the button below to read the interview.

AuthorInterview (1)


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