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A Gentleman’s Affair (Book #1)

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  • Series: The Gentleman’s Series
  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: AJLinn; First Edition edition (May 15, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Romance



Donovan Hart is handsome, wealthy, successful, and single. While his single status has always been something he’s coveted, enjoyed, and exploited, now his attitude is changing. The former Malibu playboy has been set up, fixed up, felt up and is now fed up. At the age of 32, he is ready to settle down and find the girl of his dreams. Can he escape his sordid past and move forward, or will it keep him from finding his unico vero amore, his one true love? Unlucky in love in the past, he begins his search, filled with humor, heartbreak, and hope…for the one.

What Readers Are Saying About This Book:

  • “The characters throughout the book were very well written, especially Donovan and Scarlett. They were so compatible and you could really feel their connection. Watching their relationship develop I got invested and I found myself really rooting for them.”
  • A Gentleman’s Affair is a laugh-your-ass-off, charming book about a guy looking for true love. Told in the POV of Donovan Hart, set in the luxurious beach fronts of California, Donovan goes through a string of terrifying dates to find the perfect girl.”
  • ” This author needs to write MORE books – he’s done an incredible job on his first outing, and we can only hope for more in the future.”
  • ” I couldn’t put it down and I was laughing at the funny banter between Donovan and his staff, especially with Patrice! She’s a pistol!! I fell in love with *sigh* Donovan Hart from the beginning and so will you.”
  • “Reading books written in the male point of view are becoming my favorites. A Gentleman’s Affair by A.J. Linn is the story of the sexy bachelor Donovan Hart told through his point of view. I must say, getting inside the mind of this eligible bachelor makes this story a funny, witty and sexy read.”
  • “It is refreshing to see such clean, crisp, authentic writing in a masculine voice; it’s long overdue in this genre. It is obvious that AJ Linn writes with great feeling, passion for his characters, and an ironic sense of humor that engages the reader from page one.”


AGA Takes care of his lady first

AGA I love her

AGA the old donovan

AGA My Forever


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